HDInsight: Workaround bug when killing Jobs

When running a Streaming Job from the Console in HDInsight, you might are given a message which describes how to kill a job:

13/01/09 14:52:07 INFO streaming.StreamJob: To kill this job, run:
13/01/09 14:52:07 INFO streaming.StreamJob: C:\apps\dist\hadoop-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT/bin/hadoop job -Dmapred.job.tracker= -kill job_201301081702_0001

Unfortunately there is an error in this and it will not work:

c:\apps\dist\hadoop-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT>hadoop job -Dmapred.job.tracker= -kill job_201301081702_0014
Usage: JobClient <command> <args>
 [-submit <job-file>]
 [-status <job-id>]

This is because there is an error in the command as written out by the hadoop streaming console. There should be a space between the -D and mapred.job.tracker=ipAddressJobTracker, and furthermore the mapred.job.tracker parameter should be quoted:

c:\apps\dist\hadoop-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT>hadoop job -D "mapred.job.tracker=" -kill job_201301081702_0001
Killed job job_201301081702_0001

Et voila.

Happy big-dataification ;-)

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