Hidden MVP Benefits

I’m an MVP for another year. I’m happy about that, but this blog isn’t going to be a boring bleat about it. Just a nice story about the internet.

TL;DR – I lost my wallet and got it back via the internet.

Lost & Found

I lost my wallet near where I live a few days ago. Late at night; wallet in jacket pocket; warm weather so slung my jacket over my shoulder and plop I guess. Anyway, I reported it missing with the railway peeps (it had a season ticket in it) and did the irritating cancellation of all my bank cards thing.

The wallet was quite a cherished gift, so I was upset but had no expectation to get the thing back.

One day I got a message on Twitter from a chap who wanted me to follow him. I did and then got a DM for me to come along to a police station (eek!) as they had some lost property of mine. When I did, the guy told me a story about how he found me; in my wallet I had no clear identification, but some cards etc.

He’d called the bank hoping to get some contact info but as always they refused to help (since my privacy is clearly more important that retrieving my property ffs).

He’d called the train company but they couldn’t find my season ticket on their system (train companies in England have steam powered computers and electric trains; contrary to stereotype).

He’d called my gym but they didn’t have a current address or contact number (I really should go to the gym more… :P ).

Then he found my MVP card; did a web search for my name and MVP and found my MVP profile page on Microsoft’s web. Listed on there was my Twitter handle, and he used that to get in touch.

So wow; got my stuff back via the power of the MVP program.

Thanks guys ;-)

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